30 June 2013

Almost Finish

Squeezing in one last post for the month, to share an almost finish.

My long due Meadow Friends boy quilt. 

I finally had it basted ....

Then pondered on how to quilt it.

And pondered some more.

Then decided to stick with very (very!) simple straight line quilting....

Then couldn't decide between 2 types of fabric for the binding... so finally decided on both!

My sewing mojo's been severely wanting lately. But with any luck I'll have a finish to share very, very soon.

In the meantime, hope everyone has a happy and relaxing Sunday...



MamaDaniel said...

Cik Zara.. pattern ni nama apa ek?
Nice quilt!
Si Meow dengar lagu apa tu?? Hihi

Unknown said...

Goodness the miaw! So adorable!