09 December 2012

What I've Been Up To

Would you know, it's December - already! I thought I'd check in, before I get too comfortable pretending that I've ceased to exist in blogland...

So what's been keeping me busy lately?

Well.....WORK, most of the time.

Then I finished my Meadow Friends boy quilt top:

You probably can't see it clear in the photo, but it's meant to be waves...

After that came more WORK. Grrrr.

Then I made a cute little card wallet, from this tutorial.

It was my first time with snap closures. I was so fascinated by them (or maybe I just liked the hammering bit) that I made another. I use one wallet for my business cards, and may use the other for my pen-drives.

I decided to slip stitch the sides, instead of sewing down them like in the tutorial, because it was a bit of a tight fit for my cards.

Then came WORK (is anybody else having a frantic time at the office?)

When things got tough I wound down by reading a really cute book:

Keeping me up into the wee hours of the morning.

And fnished another; not so cute book:

And all the while there was MORE WORK. Arrrrggghhhhhhh!

To de-stress, a couple of little pouches from leftover Meadow Friends fabric was in order:

They came along really quickly... I made them on two early mornings before work, while having my coffee.

I still have a fair bit of Meadow Friends left, maybe I'll make them into scrap bags. Anyone interested?

And finally, of course: more WORK. *sigh*

So there you go. Hope everyone's keeping well and not working too hard. More sewing hopefully soon.

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MamaDaniel said...

cute pouches.. design Meadow Friends fabric memang cute and fresh!