17 October 2012

Belated Weekend Update

So I made some progress with my patchwork squares last weekend. Actually I was hoping to share a finish too. 

But then I realised that I'd cut 144 squares and that 144 squares arranged into 12 rows of 12 actually makes a  big, well - umm, square

Which incidentally made me wonder how I managed to escape with an education all those years ago... 

Oh by the way, here's a picture you don't see everyday... pressing! Hot, but necessary!

Anyway, after I pieced together my 12 rows of 12, I ended up of course with a square quilt top. Now I've got nothing against square quilts, but I'd actually wanted this one to be rectangular. So there was nothing for it, but to dig into my precious stash and cut an additional 3 rows, or 36 squares. 

So here they are - all lined up and ready to be chained piece. 

Seems like a nice easy job, which I may in fact attempt to tackle tonight. 

And then I'll have a finish to share :-) 

Oh, thought I might mention that I've also made an eyeglass case for Mum this last weekend. (She'd called to say she'd left hers in a taxi). So I started out to make her one, and then ended up with these ... haha! 

fabric boxes aka eyeglass case?
Funny looking eyeglass cases they are, don't you think? Never mind, I'm sure she can use them to organize her odds and ends, hee! 

Until the next finish - happy sewing!


SCLover said...

salam... cantik2 fabrik di sni..
sya suka. puan jual fabrik ??
kalau ada farik yg boleh di share /jual boleh fwd pada sya jugak..mana tau kalau ada yang berkenan..sya cuma buat beg :)

MamaDaniel said...

ooo... its an almost finished quilt! tak sabar nak tengok..

Ironing quilt things memang rajin.. tapi ironing baju kerja sangat tidak rajin.. hehehehe...

eyeglass case... hmmmm... dont know how to put eyeglass in there... hmmmm.... (^.^)