06 September 2012

A Couple of Things

I'm happy to report that this week has been quite productive, yay!

First up I've made progress with my True Patchwork quilt top:

A little piece...

... that just grew ...

... and grew ....

This was such fun to piece together - anything goes, so no pressure!

Sadly, I've now run out of squares from the original batch. I'm not quite happy with the size of the top yet, I want it even bigger! I'm kinda loving the scrappiness of the whole thing, so I'll be collecting mismatched squares of all different types and textures from now on to add on to it (hmm... I'm tempted to chop off bits of Yummy Hubby's trousers now, and maybe some curtains?) Until then, I guess I'll just have to say hasta la vista to it for now :-(

I've also had to make an eyeglass case this week for Mum's friend. She saw one that I made for Mum and decided that she wanted one too. Of course I'm always happy for the excuse to play with my fabric. So I made this one from some Breakfast at Tiffany's fabric:

Really simple, with a velcro closure (just like Mum's)

But I didn't like the binding - I think it came out horrible!

So I made another one, without any binding:

A little better, hee.

I really hope she likes it... Or is long-sighted enough not to notice any flaws, ha ha!

Hope everyone's having a great week!


Mila@Rimbun said...

Suddenly I remembered Izzah need a case for her sunglass.. yeahhhh. TQ Zara for the idea

MamaDaniel said...

suka True Patchwork itu!!!!!
make it into queen size quilt cik zara.. alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan.. hehe :)

cik zara.. mamaDaniel also need an eyeglass case (sambil buat mata macam milo minta makanan...) ;P

Zara said...

Hi Mila, looking forward to seeing your eyeglass case!
MamaD, ur so cute! - just like Milo ;-)